Across the Sea
Man in Black

May 11, 2010
The Man in Black
Alternate timeline
Written by
Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse
Directed by
Tucker Gates
Guest starring
Mark Pellegrino as Jacob
Titus Welliver as the Man in Black
Allison Janney as Jacob and the Man in Black's mother
Kenton Duty as young Jacob
Ryan Bradford as young Man in Black
Lela Loren as Claudia
Ivo Nandi as hunter

Across the Sea is the fifteenth episode of season 6 of Lost. Jacob and the Man in Black are featured in the episode's flashbacks, while no real time scenes occur.

ABC press release

The motives of John Locke are finally explained.

Former spoilers and rumors

  • DarkUFO (Spoiler source): Major mysteries to be solved in this episode include the identities of Adam and Eve, how the Man in Black became the Monster, who built the frozen wheel, and how Jacob became the protector of the island.
    • TRUE
  • Ryan Ozawa (Hawaii resident, spoiler source): Jacob and MIB are brothers in the year 23 AD Claudia tells MIB she is his mother. Another woman tells young Jacob (from "The Substitute") that she killed their mother. Adult Jacob, in 43 AD went to get firewood and returned to find his village burned to the ground. Later, young Jacob and MIB filmed a scene where Jacob wanted to join another group.
    • TRUE, though explicit dates are not presented in the episode. Jacob does go to get firewood, but it is MIB who discovers the burned village and joins the other group.
  • DarkUFO (Spoiler source): Young Jacob and young MIB had a conversation on a log.
    • TRUE
  • DarkUFO (Spoiler source): A Caucasian blonde boy and two differently aged Caucasian black haired boys have been cast. Some suspect them to be Jacob and two differently aged versions of the Man in Black. An attractive, maternal Mediterranean woman has also being cast.
    • TRUE, though only there was only one black-haired boy.
  • Kristin Dos Santos (E! Online columnist): The Monster may get a flashback episode before the end of the series.
    • TRUE
  • Damon Lindelof (Co-creator, writer): Cerberus is DHARMA's name for the Monster. The Monster will be explained, but not until the end of the show.
    • TRUE
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