Cabin Fever

May 8, 2008
John Locke
Alternate timeline
Written by
Elizabeth Sarnoff and Kyle Pennington
Directed by
Paul Edwards
Guest starring
Jeff Fahey as Frank Lapidus
Lance Reddick as Matthew Abaddon
Marc Vann as Ray
Kevin Durand as Martin Keamy
Anthony Azizi as Omar
Grant Bowler as Captain Gault
John Terry as Christian Shephard
Holland Roden as Emily Locke
Rebecca Tilney as Emily’s mother
Amanda Carlin as ER nurse
Patrick Torres as ER doctor
Doug Hutchison as Horace Goodspeed
Nestor Carbonell as Richard Alpert
Matthew Pedersen as physical therapist
Mandy June Turpin as Florence
Sarah Duval as Melissa
Charles Henry Wyson as John Locke (age 5)
Phil Abrams as Gellert
Caleb Steinmeyer as John Locke (age 16)

Cabin Fever is the eleventh episode of season 4 of Lost. John Locke is featured in the episode's flashbacks.

ABC press release

Locke is enlightened as to the whereabouts of Jacob’s cabin, and life aboard the freighter becomes perilous.

Former spoilers and rumors

  • Michael Ausiello (TV Guide columnist): There is a historic event in Locke's flashbacks.
    • TRUE
  • DarkUFO (Spoiler source): We will learn more about Jacob and Christian's connection.
    • TRUE
  • Ryan Ozawa (Hawaii resident, spoiler source): Richard Alpert was spotted at Locke's birth, which was filmed for this episode.
    • TRUE
  • Carlton Cuse (Writer, producer): Richard Alpert will be returning for at least one episode this season.
    • TRUE
  • DarkUFO (Spoiler source): A foster mother and a scientist are being cast for this episode. The foster mother indicates a Locke flashback.
    • TRUE
  • Michael Ausiello (TV Guide columnist): This episode may have Locke or Ben flashbacks.
    • TRUE, the flashbacks belong to Locke.
  • DarkUFO (Spoiler source): This episode includes a red haired 16-year old girl, as well as a nerdy green eyed boy as both a 5 and 16 year old.
    • TRUE
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