Dr. Linus

March 9, 2010
Alternate timeline
Ben Linus
Written by
Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz
Directed by
Mario Van Peebles
Guest starring
Alan Dale as Charles Widmore
Tania Raymonde as Alexandra Rousseau
Daniel Roebuck as Leslie Arzt
Jon Gries as Roger Linus
William Atherton as principal Don Reynolds
Steve Boatright as Mike

Dr. Linus is the seventh episode of season 6 of Lost. Ben Linus is the focus of the episode's alternate timeline.

ABC press release

Ben deals with the consequences of an uncovered lie.

Former spoilers and rumors

  • Ryan Ozawa (Hawaii resident, spoiler source): Roger Linus, alive in the alternate timeline, told Ben that "this is not the life I wanted for you."
    • TRUE
  • Ryan Ozawa (Hawaii resident, spoiler source): Jack, Hurley, and Richard emerged from the jungle to find Sun, Miles, Frank, Ilana and Ben on the beach.
    • TRUE
  • Ryan Ozawa (Hawaii resident, spoiler source): Sayid and new character Lennon were at a church with none other than Keamy and Omar. Ben, Alex, and Arzt were at a high school.
    • TRUE, the Sayid scene occured in the previous episode at a restaurant and Lennon was not present.
  • Carlton Cuse (Writer, producer): William Atherton will play a character.
    • TRUE
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