Enter 77

March 7, 2007
Sayid Jarrah
Alternate timeline
Written by
Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse
Directed by
Stephen Williams
Guest starring
Mira Furlan as Danielle Rousseau
April Grace as Beatrice Klugh
Andrew Divoff as Mikhail Bakunin
Francois Chau as Pierre Chang
Shaun Toub as Sami
Anne Bedian as Amira
Taiarii Marshall as waiter
Eyad Elbitar as Arabic man

Enter 77 is the eleventh episode of season 3 of Lost. Sayid Jarrah is featured in the episode's flashbacks.

ABC press release

Locke, Sayid and Kate investigate a strange structure and its mysterious inhabitant. Meanwhile, Sawyer competes in a ping-pong competition to get back his belongings.

Former spoilers and rumors

  • Various spoiler sources: The eypatch-wearing man seen in "The Cost of Living" on a TV monitor returns as Mikhail Bakunin.
    • TRUE
  • Carlton Cuse (Writer, producer): The connection between the Others and the DHARMA Initiative will be revealed in this episode.
    • TRUE
  • Aint' It Cool News (Spoiler source): A recurring character dies.
    • TRUE
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