Greatest Hits

May 16, 2007
Charlie Pace
Alternate timeline
Written by
Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz
Directed by
Stephen Williams
Guest starring
Tania Raymonde as Alexandra Rousseau
Blake Bashoff as Karl Martin
Nestor Carbonell as Richard Alpert
Mira Furlan as Danielle Rousseau
Brian Goodman as Ryan Pryce
Marsha Thomason as Naomi Dorrit
Neil Hopkins as Liam Pace
Joshua Hancock as Roderick
John Henry Canavan as Simon Pace
Jeremy Shada as young Charlie
Zack Shada as young Liam
L. Scott Caldwell as Rose Nadler
Sam Anderson as Bernard Nadler
Andrea Gabriel as Nadia Jazeem
Lana Parrilla as Greta
Tracy Middendorf as Bonnie

Greatest Hits is the twenty-first episode of season 3 of Lost. Charlie Pace is featured in the episode's flashbacks.

ABC press release

While Jack devises a plan to do away with The Others once and for all, Sayid uncovers a flaw in The Others system that could lead to everyone's rescue. But it requires Charlie to take on a dangerous task that may make Desmond's premonition come true.

Former spoilers and rumors

  • DarkUFO (Spoiler source): There is an underwater station called the Looking Glass that plays a major part in this episode and Through the Looking Glass.
    • TRUE
  • Ryan Ozawa (Hawaii resident, spoiler source): In a flashback, Charlie is walking through the rain after his meeting with Desmond in "Flashes Before Your Eyes." He hears someone screaming and saves her from a mugger-the girl in trouble is Naomi. (Other sources claim it's Nadia)
    • TRUE, the girl is Nadia.
  • Dominic Monaghan (Charlie): A scene was filmed in which Charlie had to plug a cable into something underwater (later specified to be the deactivated underwater sonar beacon). As Charlie does not know how to swim, it is possible that Charlie will die during this scene. However, some are saying that this is a misdirection and someone else dies instead.
    • TRUE, although Charlie does not die (yet).
  • Kristin Veitch (E! Online correspondant): Two cops and a Manchester family of three (a father and two sons) are being cast for this episode. All three family members are required to swim in a pool.
    • TRUE, although the two cops are actually Greta and Bonnie.
  • Various spoiler sources: A nurse friend of Charlie's will appear in his flashbacks. Charlie's father will also be featured.
    • TRUE, although no nurse appears.
  • Carlton Cuse (Writer, producer): The "Charlie problem" will be resolved in this episode.
    • TRUE, although Charlie hasn't died yet.
  • Dominic Monaghan (Charlie): Charlie's flashback episode will be at the end of the season, but not the finale. Charlie will possibly die in this episode as he is not in the finale.
    • TRUE, although Charlie didn't die (yet).
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