This is a list of episodes of season 3 of Lost.

Title Flashbacks Airdate
A Tale of Two Cities Jack Shephard October 4, 2006
The Glass Ballerina Sun-Hwa Kwon October 11, 2006
Further Instructions John Locke October 18, 2006
Every Man for Himself James "Sawyer" Ford October 25, 2006
The Cost of Living Mr. Eko November 1, 2006
I Do Kate Austen November 8, 2006
Not in Portland Juliet Burke February 7, 2007
Flashes Before Your Eyes Desmond Hume February 14, 2007
Stranger in a Strange Land Jack Shephard February 21, 2007
Tricia Tanaka is Dead Hugo "Hurley" Reyes February 28, 2007
Enter 77 Sayid Jarrah March 7, 2007
Par Avion Claire Littleton March 14, 2007
The Man from Tallahassee John Locke March 21, 2007
Exposé Nikki Fernandez and Paulo (On-and-off island) March 28, 2007
Left Behind Kate Austen April 4, 2007
One of Us Juliet Burke (Island) April 11, 2007
Catch-22 Desmond Hume April 18, 2007
D.O.C. Sun-Hwa Kwon April 25, 2007
The Brig John Locke (Island) May 2, 2007
The Man Behind the Curtain Ben Linus (Island) May 9, 2007
Greatest Hits Charlie Pace May 16, 2007
Through the Looking Glass Jack Shephard (Flashforwards) May 23, 2007
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