This is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the Lost Spoilers Wiki.

What is the purpose of this site?

The Lost Spoilers Wiki aims to compile spoilers, or pieces of information about upcoming episodes of the ABC mystery/drama series Lost.

Why would anyone want to be spoiled?

This question goes outside the scope of this site, but is still a topic of discussion. With a TV show like Lost, the phenominon and excitement extends beyond your turning the television off at the end of an episode. Many fans spend the days, weeks, or months before a new episode discussing theories about what will happen next. But, like all surprises, sometimes you just can't wait, and that's where this site comes into play. Every person has their own reasons for wanting to read spoilers, and the decision is up to them.

Who leaks spoilers, anyway?

Sometimes, spoilers may be official tidbits from the cast and crew behind Lost, often revealed in interviews or the Official Lost Podcast. Other times, members of the entertainment media might reveal spoilers in their websites and magazines. However, the most revealing spoilers often come from insiders, people in the production of the show who hide their identity and leak information for the die-hard fans. You can read the Lost Spoiler Sources page for information about the most common sources of spoilers.

What if I learn a spoiler that hasn't hit the Internet?

The Lost Spoilers Wiki is not a source of original information, simply because we do not possess the means to prove what you're saying is true. All spoilers on this site must first originate from a reputable source, usually those found on the above Spoiler Sources page. If you learn a spoiler that you believe is legitimate, send it to DarkUFO at, where he can use his contacts at ABC to validate your claim. Once your spoiler appears on his site (or another reliable site), it can be added here.

What if I learn a spoiler that is on another site?

As long as it's from a reliable source, feel free to add it! Be sure to follow the conventions:

  • Name of person leaking the spoiler (their occupation): Spoiler goes here!

A typical example might be:

  • Kristin Veitch (E! Online correspondant): Jack will go on an adventure with Kate.

If the spoiler came from multiple sources, or the original source isn't known, use "various spoiler sources" as the originator of the spoiler.

Are any types of spoiler off-limits?

The Lost Spoilers Wiki DOES NOT allow full episode summaries to be posted! These types of spoiler go far outside the scope of a typical piece of information, and are heavily detrimental to the creative process behind the show. Many readers simply want a hint about an upcoming episode, not a detailed summary of the entire plot. Additionally, certain extremely revealing information may be placed in white text (requiring the reader to highlight to read) at the discretion of the administrator. Currently, only major character deaths and Jacob's scenes in "The Incident" have been hidden in this manner.

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