As the final episodes of Lost are filmed and aired, spoilers about the series finale are likely to appear on the Internet. The Lost Spoilers Wiki has instituted a site-wide policy regarding spoilers for the final episodes of the series.

Series Finale Policy

NO SPOILERS from the Lost series finale will be added to the Lost Spoilers Wiki, with the following exceptions:

  • The title
  • The ABC press release
  • The guest list
  • The centricity if known

The Lost Series Finale article will be fully protected, meaning it can only be edited by an administrator. If series finale spoilers are added to any page of the site, you will be banned.


DarkUFO and other spoiler sources will not be receiving much information regarding the series finale. A great number of Lost fans have chosen not to read spoilers about the final episodes, and DarkUFO has agreed to place whatever spoilers he does receive behind an "Are you sure?" button on his site. For the enjoyment of all fans and out of respect for the cast and crew, the Lost Spoilers Wiki will not be posting spoilers for the final episodes of Lost.

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